Tuesday, 2 October 2007

ingt nak close down trus..

on previous post I was very enthusiatic bout updating this blog, but reality is, poyo jer. haiya..
for me bloging is hard. expressing is just not me. but complaint or condemn ok jer... i guess the best excuse I can give is, aku tgh angau ni. haha. don't ask don't speculate.
kay la, just for the sake of updating, i'll post some pics from my summer holiday...

A small fraction of the yusoff's. It's a family bbq and we even got a theme - black or white. cool aa

anak sepupu

a young fan of mine

cousins at cousin's wedding

kalah teruk in PKR bowling tournament. last..!

On top of low's peak, Gunung Kinabalu.

Low's peak again, managed to shuush away other tourists.

South peak, RM1 note's background

Mount kinabalu conquered, yeahh...

view from the chalet
Eye on Malaysia with the gang

Papa, Mama, Lily n Adik

My sis's graduation

a bouquet of flowers from Kimi to all of u

em, no pics of my elder bro, Jazdee. Outstation je die tu.

Tuesday, 21 August 2007


finally after 38 days of waiting, i got my laptop. m1330, recommended to all. having a new laptop,a first one for me, is like a new motivation. i'll update more after this.

to all of u, new interns, good luck...! keep in touch k, by updating ur blogs.

Monday, 23 July 2007


i don't like to wait but since day 1 of summer holiday anything that can be postpone, delayed, put on hold, changed or any thing that can involve waiting, will find me. those waiting really felt like forever to come/happen and currently 2 things i've been eagerly wait had been delayed some more.

1st one, Dell XPS m1330 notebook. It seems there's problem with some parts not available or not enough for this laptop and they (dell) have again delayed the delivery worldwide. so far not even one fellow customer worldwide receive this unit.

2 - harry potter book 7. i was in kelantan for the past 4 days, and the the only hope for me to get a copy of the newly released book was from popular bookstore. but this stupid bookstore together with MPH n Times bookstore countrywide made a pack not to sell the book and blame the publisher for allowing hypermarket ie tesco, carrefour to sell rm40 cheaper than the retail price. what a stupid decision to boycott the publisher. is this how they value their customer..? damn boycotters.as usual, boycotters are stupid. the book will actually sell below retails price in few months time and hypermarket as always will do some bizzare marketing strategy. learn to deal with it k.. this just proved that those 3 boycotters just jealous or "dengki". just think for a while, those hypermarket will not have all the stock for all customers and the cheap deal was just a gimmick to show that they sell cheap things in their hypermarket. today soon after been back in bangi, i went to carrefour alamanda to get a copy of the book but as expected it was all sold out. hmm..more waiting.. n more avoidance. i'll avoid any article/news/blog that got to do with harry potters. i really2 hate spoilers. o yeah, damn "the star" for publishing a news about harry potter spoilers. not sure bout any other newspaper.

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

dunno what to post

dunno what to write la even though there's so many things happening now. being in malaysia really puts me in very very malas mode. but almost half of the list's already completed.

i don't want to critique malaysia but not bloging bout malaysian football team is really hard to do. 2 games played but goal difference already minus 9..!??! 5-1 with china then 5-0 with uzbekistan... why la... tomorrow it's against the most successful team in asian cup and i guess there's nothing much malaysia can hope. a draw would be a fairy tale and 1-0 defeat is just being over ambitious. 5-0 would be ok la this time. at least, it's the number to celebrate our 50th independence.

Good things might come out of this. cheaper msian jersey for all of us, maybe...

Tuesday, 3 July 2007


finally home after more than 35 hour journey from dublin. interesting experience but too boring for a blog entry. (cause i'm not good in story writing but above average for verbal story telling, hehe.) also surely there'll be cursing in every sentence and i don't wanna do that here.

nothing much changed since the last time i left msia but can't really say that cause i haven't gone out yet. just around putrajaya but so far it just like i left msia just for a month.

so, what should i do during this 2 month holiday. don't think there's much to do, here's the list divided into categories.

student essentials
- settle electives stuff
- read some/a lot for the electives

kinabalu preparation
-kutip utang

geek stuff
-buy a laptop
-repair printer

photography stuff
-service camera
-print pics
-buy new lens..??

ubersexual things
-teeth scaling
-new glasses
-contact lenses
-clothes shopping

barangan melayu
-baju melayu

literature needs
-2 non fiction
-2 fiction
-ikea poang chair

what else..
cook something
learn to cook something
learn how to jugle
normal usual things - families, friends, social etc

em, can't think of anything else to add to the list. very ambitious of me to list down all those thing.. anything else i should add..?

Ikea Poang Chair. hope it's not too expensive this year...

Friday, 29 June 2007

not a sombong guy

got to reply niesa's tag or else i'll be labeled as sombong. em, there goes some information bout me. no longer mysterious.. haha.. but this tag is between ok n boring. don't waste ur time reading it, but look at these 2 clips from will ferrell and pearl who is really cute(i don't really use this word but she deserves it) n can do some acting..!

if the embedded videos didn't work, go straight to the website from the link below the video.

k, now i really need to do some packing. i'll be going home in 8 hrs..!

Good Cop, Baby Cop

good cop baby cop

The Landlord

the landlord

The Landlord Out Takes

the landlord out takes

the tag..

Layer One: On the Outside
Name: Jazree bin Jamaluddin
Formal name: Jazree
Casual name: Jazree/Jaz
Birthdate: 3rd sept 1982
Current status: single
Eye color: Dark brown
Hair Color: black
Righty or Lefty: right

Layer Two: On the Inside
My heritage: a mixture of this n that
My fears: - , god
My weaknesses: lots...
My perfect pizza: aiyo, don't like to answer this kind of questions.!!

Layer Three: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
My thoughts first thing when I wake up: what time is it
My bedtime: depends
My most missed memory: -

Layer Four: My picks
Pepsi or Coke: coke (avoid)
McDonald's or Burger King: mcd (avoid)
Single or Group Dates: Single
Adidas or Nike: 50 - 50
Tea or Nestea: tea
Chocolate or Vanilla: chocolate
Cappucino or Coffee: Cappucino which is a type of coffee

Layer Five: Do I
Smoke: Nope.
Curse: sometimes. i'll stop when i'm old enough
Take a shower: yep
Have a crush: lots
Think I've Been In love: nop
Want to get married: yep
Believe in myself: Yep
Think I'm a health freak: nope

Layer Six: In the past month
Drank alcohol: nope
Gone to the mall: yes
Been on stage: yep
Eaten Sushi: yep
Dyed your hair: yep

Layer Seven: Have I ever
Played a stripping game: no.
Changed who I am to fit in: yep, i got multiple personalities

Layer Eight: Age
I am hoping to be married: in 5 years time

Layer Nine: What was I doing
1 min ago: eat
1 hour ago: wrapping gift
4.5 hours ago: sleep
1 month ago: deliver babies
1 year ago: somewhere in malaysia

Layer Ten: Finish The Sentence
I love: everybody, haha
I feel: good
I hate: dunno
I hide: secrets
I need: to pack my stuff

Layer Eleven: Tag 5 people


Thursday, 28 June 2007

good blog

i thought this is a G rated blog because they found 2x "retard", 1x "hell" and 1x "sexy".. but a pg-13 rate would look nice. hehe.. em what the hell (that word might change the rate, hehe. i'll use it more often then) it's a fucked up world anyway (just for the sake of changing the rate, haha).